Top 4 Destinations For European Vacation

We all need a vacation to relax and spending good time with family is an awesome idea. Vacation is an alternative idea to get relief from busy hectic life. People always look to escape to remote places out of ordinary life and spend some time with nature.

Here is the list of four nature-friendly vacation destinations in Europe:


Athens is the capital of Greece. It is as old as history. The moment you step into Athens, you will fall in love with the beauty of Acropolis, ancient buildings and many more things. Athens is a combination of past and present where one can find the history of Classic Marathon and at the same time the facts about Olympic Games will fill you with spirit.


Plovdiv is situated in the southern part of Bulgaria. It attracts tourists because it is one of the best shopping destinations which have something new for all. The cultural, religious and authentic taste of wines is also one more interesting fact of Plovdiv. It is the 6th oldest city of the world and has been proclaimed as the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe. By the year 2019, Plovdiv is going to be declared as European capital of culture. 


The very beautiful Azores is an autonomous Region of Portugal, which is divided into the Eastern Group, the Central Group and the Western Group. Azores falls in between Europe and America within the blue Atlantic Ocean. There is no word to describe the beauty of Azores.


Paris doesn’t need any description. It is one of the legendry capitals around the globe. It is the capital of France and is known for its art, fashion and culture. Eiffel Tower is one of the major attractions and Paris is also known for its café culture worldwide.

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